Pilates in Wakefield

Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation provides Pilates in Wakefield. Pilates is a form of exercise which relies on strengthening the core postural muscles and developing body alignment. It is an excellent activity to manage back and neck problems and maintain mobility in the spine.

Many clients who attend Pilates at Tops have initially required physiotherapy for pain but are now using  Pilates to manage and maintain their back and neck pain. 

Pilates improves your posture and your trunk control which helps with balance, preventing falls and providing a safe form of activity for people with mobility issues.

A Pilates course at Tops runs for 6 weeks and is always a small class with a maximum of 8 people which means the Pilates instructor can guide you to get the best results.

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The Benefits of Pilates

  • A refreshing mind-body workout
  • Building strength without bulking up
  • Develop a strong core
  • Create an evenly conditioned body and prevent sports injuries
  • Learn efficient patterns of motion
  • Be challenged
  • Self management of back pain or problems

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