Neurological Conditions

There are so many neurological that we cannot mention all of them but our experienced team of skilled neuro physiotherapist are able to work with you to help you manage, improve or maintain your condition.

People with a neurological condition are often fine managing their neurological themselves but occasionally there may be times when a little help and advice is required.

It is also advisable to have the occasional MOT to ensure you are not getting into bad habits, which could compromise your function and independence latter on in life.

At Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation we can provide:


  • Physiotherapy Assessment
  • Advice regarding seating and posture, technology, sport and recreation
  • Advice regarding management and maintenence
  • Individual treatments according to your goals
  • Management programmes which you can take away for your own use
  • Teach support workers
  • Perform home/ school/gym or work visits to provide advice
  • Hydrotherapy (at a local pool)
  • Accessible fitness facility with specialist equipment
  • Support
  • Fun empowering environment with peer support

As a disabled person you may get problems associated with ageing or with overuse, our musculoskeletal physiotherapist will be able to help.

At Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation, we have highly experienced skilled physiotherapists who will work with you.

We are able to work with cognitive occupational therapists, speech therapists and other professionals involved in improving your independence.

We have specialist equipment such as the FES bike, Lite gait and other equipment which you are able to access from your wheelchair.

If you would like to talk to a physiotherapist to find out how we can help you or if you would like to make an appointment please call 01924 823965 or email

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