Falls or walking problems

Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide. 

Falls can happen anytime and anywhere to people of any age. However, as people get older, the likelihood of falls and the severity of injury resulting from falls increases. 

What conditions cause falls?


  • Lower body weakness
  • Vitamin D deficiency (that is, not enough vitamin D in your system)
  • Difficulties with walking and balance
  • Use of medicines, such as tranquilizers, sedatives, or antidepressants. Even some over-the-counter medicines can affect balance and how steady you are on your feet.
  • Vision problems
  • Foot pain or poor footwear
  • Home hazards or dangers such as
    • broken or uneven steps, and
    • throw rugs or clutter that can be tripped over


How a physiotherapist can help:


  • improve your strength
  • improve your range of movement and biomechanical alignment
  • improve your pain
  • Postural restoration
  • provide advice and education for self management
  • build confidence

At Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation in Wakefield we have experienced physiotherapists and complimentary therapists, as well as an accessible friendly gym where you can exercise. Physio can be the start to you being independent and safe in your home.



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