Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is one of the commonest problems affecting our society today.

Neck and back pain can come on gradually or have a sudden onset. It can be localised or can refer down into arms, legs or down your trunk. It can affect your nerves as well as the muscles and may be caused by a joint or muscles strain or due to a disc bulge.

The pain and stiffness will usually ease after a few days with no serious underlying problem associated with the pain

If pain persists for more than 2 weeks it is advisable to contact your physiotherapist as they will be able to assess the problem, establish the cause and help to relieve symptoms, preventing the pain becoming a chronic condition with its long-term secondary compensations.

How a physiotherapist can help:


  • decrease your pain
  • improve your range of movement and biomechanical alignment
  • improve your strength
  • Postural restoration
  • prevent long term /chronic pain
  • prevent compensatory strategies
  • provide advice and education for self management


A course of physiotherapy can:


  • Minimise poor recovery
  • Prevent your pain becoming long term or chronic
  • Rehabilitate poor posture and compensations
  • Get you back to health and a better quality of life

At Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation we have experienced physiotherapists, who have a hands on holistic approach to therapy, and have been providing physio for back and neck pain for many years.

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