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Personal Training At Tops

Tops Fitness Rehabilitation provides personal training in Wakefield. Our experienced fitness instructors work hard to help you achieve your goals.

Whatever your fitness level or goals, personal training can help you to become fitter, healthier and reach your personal targets.
Sometimes we need that extra encouragement, support, advice and motivation, from beginner to experienced athlete. They are there to educate and ensure you remain focused and moving towards your fitness goals.

Many people lose heart because they simply don’t see the results they expected. Imagine having your own expert to motivate you, monitor your progress and ensure you’re focusing on the right exercises. A Personal Trainer, will help you reach your goals so much faster and have fun while you’re at it.

If you’re serious about working out, our Personal Trainers can help you push to the next level of fitness.

Whether you want to tone up or build muscle, sculpt your physique or get your figure back after a baby there is no better way to achieve this.

Reasons to have Personal Training

Improve your overall fitness.

Reach or maintain a healthy weight.

Improve body confidence.

Find the right way to exercise for you.

Focus on your health concerns, physical weaknesses and injuries.

Push your limits safely.

Learn new skills and don’t get bored.

Be motivated, supervised and supported during training.

Enhance mental alertness and feeling of well being.

Receive fitness and nutritional tips from experts.

Meet Our Personal Training Team

Haley Midgley

Haley Midgley

Fitness Manager

Hello, My name is Haley!
I have been in the fitness industry since 2014 – I started as a fitness instructor then shortly after qualified for level 3 personal training. In 2016 my fitness career lead me down the management path, securing the assistant manager role to then the club manager position. Till present day the fitness manager here at Tops! Read more..
Aimée Coulton

Aimée Coulton

Fitness Instructor

Hello, I’m Aimée
I’ve been a member of team tops since 2011. During my time at tops I have become greatly interested in the fitness and nutrition industry.

All my childhood I have been involved in a sport of some kind, from competitive swimming to musical theatre and dance. Taking part in a number professional shows and strict examinations.
My love of performing on stage remained with me, so in 2015 I took a new route to the stage through the fitness industry competing in a bikini body competition in London with the federation UKBFF. After months of physical and mental preparation for the show I placed 3rd out of 16 amazing girls. I was extremely proud of my achievement!
Competing taught me a lot of things, one of them was balance. So I am now focusing on a healthy balance between my training and living my life, and hopefully I can teach gym members the same concept. I strongly believe that balance is the key to a healthy body and mind.

What our clients say

“I have lost over a stone and my strength has come on great am now starting to see real muscle increase which is what I wanted , more importantly I am really enjoying the sessions. Thanks Ollie”

Tony P

“He gets the best out of me. Not pushy but pushes me to deliver, he has a way of getting me to put that one extra rep in and push that bit harder on cardio….he treats me with dignity and respect but does not let that respect allow me to slack up on my routines with him.
I was apprehensive at first but can highly recommend him as a superb PT now, he really knows his stuff and is a credit to the Tops team.”

Neil L

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