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Steve Johnson is a two-time bodybuilding world champion and competed in his chosen sport over a period of 28years! He is also a bodybuilding judge and judge to the National Fitness Awards due to his expertise and longevity in the Industry. He has won many awards over his career and in 2016 became the youngest ever winner of the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” by his peers

John Micklethwaite – international duathlete – 2nd in Europe AG

Through their experience and passion for their chosen sports along with their keen interest in fitness they have both become experts in their fields of coaching which see’s clients travelling from far and wide for their services.

About Steve

My name is Steve Johnson and I am a bodybuilding coach, specialised trainer and 2 time World Champion BodyBuilder. I have also been awarded the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement” award for my work in the Fitness Industry which spans well over 30 years. With my experience and professionalism, I have earned the roles of NABBA BodyBuilding Judge and Judge to the highly prestigious National Fitness Awards. Being a Judge means I have a keen eye on what it takes to be the best and how to achieve it. This is highly beneficial to all my clients.

I also created #teamtopscoaching where my expertise in bodybuilding coaching has allowed me to bring in coaches to work alongside me and we now have a large team of athletes who compete all over the country. In 2019 alone I coached clients to Universe, World, European and National titles amongst many other regional titles achieved in the season.

Through my hard work in competitive bodybuilding I have achieved National Titles 20 years apart and gone on to win World Titles in both the Masters, and the Couples, categories.

I have been awarded trophies onstage for my polished and artistic presentations and have appeared as a Guest Star at many shows.

My work in the Fitness Industry spans well over 30 years and I first walked into Tops to train at the age of 16 (I am 55 in 2020). I am passionate about plying my trade and getting the best out of my clients here at Tops Fitness & Rehabilitation.

My client base is varied, and I welcome all abilities, shapes & sizes. I address their varied fitness goals from: weight loss, weight gain, bodybuilding, body transformations, improved fitness or training for sport. All I ask of my clients is consistency and commitment and I will do the rest.

I am very confident in my abilities to change a person for the better both physically and mentally and love to work with motivated individuals.

If you think you can benefit from my help, get in touch here at Tops on 01924 823965.

Anything you don’t see and would like help with contact me at:


“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise can be fun”

Coaching with John

Hello, My name is John.

I have been interested and passionate about health and fitness as long as I can remember.

When just 12 years old I cycled the coast to coast cycle route from Whitehaven to Roth, following this I went on to compete in my first triathlon at age 14.

Since then I have gone on to race for the GBR Duathlon team and competed in the ITU World Championships numerous times and got a Podium Place by finishing 2nd at the ETU Duathlon European Championships.

This year 2019 I have again reached the qualifying times for the GBR AG Duathlon team and will be heading to the European Championships again at sprint distance in 2020.

My specialist training areas are multi-sport training such as Triathlon and Duathlon. I engage with analytics of both cycling and running techniques and have worked with many high-end athletes.

Having said this, I mainly coach clients for weight loss, general fitness and total beginners.

I’m able to write training and nutritional plans for all training types and give supplement advice tailored to the client.

I am over the moon to join #teamtops coaching team as I have a huge passion to have influence on my client’s physical well-being and help them improve to reach new levels.

Athlete Pricing

Initial Consultation = £35

1hour Coaching/Training Session = £45

Block of 10 x 1 hour Coaching/Training Sessions = £400

Progress Check-Ins = £40

Personalised Nutritional Plans = £75

Personalised Weekly Training Plans = £10


As both Steve and John have different areas of expertise the following charges are for specific sessions/plans


Bodybuilding Competition Prep Sign-Up = £150

Posing/Presentation Classes = £40 (1 hour)


Wattbike Session = contact for details

What our clients say

“Great coach always there to answer questions and always gives an honest opinion on which will best suit yourself. Training and diet plans were spot on and unique to me not just some copied and pasted plan like I have had before from other coaches. Working on my strengths and weaknesses on the training plan. With the diet plan excluded foods I disliked and utilised the healthy foods I did like to be used more often. Can’t recommend a better or more experienced coach that wants the best for you not just himself.

Neil P

” I cannot recommend steve high enough as he not only gives you his all but also genuinely cares about your health, ….Thank you Steve”

Chris S

“I have been competing for a few years now, but only since being prepped by Steve, have I achieved a personal goal with my body fat percentage. He’s made me leaner, sharper, and more confident for stage. And he has guided each step.
I cannot recommend highly enough”

Kate S

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