Covid 19

Last updated 23 March

Following government recommendations on Friday 20 March, Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation is temporarily closed. This situation will be under constant review, according to government updates.

Tops Gym has been part of Outwood community since 1977, and we hope with your ongoing support that we will be once again open after this challenging time.

What Tops is doing for #teamtops clients

Gym Members

  • Gym clients will be contacted by email to explain various options that are available.
  • We are cancelling the direct debits for membership but will give you the option to continue to support Tops by maintaining your membership.
  • We will be calling all our over 75 clients to ensure their health and well being, and whether they need any support while self isolating.
  • We are looking to provide online classes for groups.
  • We are looking to provide online personal training sessions.
  • If there is a need we will provide an online community hub for you to get together and support each other


Rehab Clients

  • Rehab clients will be contacted by email to explain various options that are available to them.
  • Neuro rehab clients will be contacted by their treating therapist in the next week.
  • We are looking to provide online support for our rehab clients.


Community Hub

We would like to set up a daily or weekly community hub where #teamtops members and clients can be in contact with us and each other, provide support and a little laughter.


We will regularly review our services and hope that you will be able to engage in some of the activities that we provide to ensure Tops community spirit continues.

We always say health is priority number one and our centre USP “We care about the future you want” has never been more apt.

Our clients aren’t just clients, they are members of our #teamtops family. We appreciate the support of all our amazing and loyal clients and the offers of help has been very humbling, so please stick by us.

In the meantime please look out for each other, avoid contact with one another, and stay healthy.

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