Massage in Wakefield

Tops provides massage in Wakefield for clients with a multitude of needs, ranging from sports injuries, pain relief, relaxation, to name but a few.

Massage is a technique which comes from many traditions. In 3000BC massage was found in China and Japan and is also documented in Indian, Greek and Roman history. Touch has the most amazing healing properties. It heals both physically, mentally and chemically.

It increases blood flow, thus increasing nourishment to the cells of the body and strengthening the immune system. Massage relieves tension in muscles leaving them more supple. It calms the mind, relieving tension caused by stress. The relaxed state provides a wonderful sense of calm within the body and mind. Toxins are flushed through the lymphatic system, which is assisted with massage techniques, allowing the blood vessels to increase nourishment to the body. It benefits the digestive system to eliminate toxins and absorb vitamins and minerals.

Massage eases and soothes muscular tension and decongests tissues, improving lymphatic drainage as well as strengthening the immune system and overall health.

Massage Can Help With:

Back Pain


Sports Injuries

Joint Mobility

Stress & Fatigue

Headaches & Migraines


RSI & much more

Our Treatments

If you are looking for massage in Wakefield come and visit Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation. We are easily accessible from Wakefield centre, but also close to the motorway for anyone travelling from Leeds, Barnsley and Huddersfield.

Sports Massage

This massage was developed to aid clients who require a deep form of manipulation to the muscles. The overall aim is to enhance performance and prevent injury. Sports massage greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of rest following hard exercise therefore enabling more training at a higher level and with less risk of injury.

(30min – 1hr)

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a western style massage. It will give you a feeling of well being. The massage techniques are not heavy or painful but are rhythmical and soothing to promote relaxation. Alternatively they can be vigorous and brisk, producing a feeling of increased energy.

(30min – 1hr)

Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones have been used throughout history by many cultures and races for healing and worship. Brought to the West by Mary Nelson. The heat helps to deeply relax the muscle taking out the tightness and allows a therapist to work deeper giving you a very different flowing massage. Be aware we also use cold stones.


Remedial Massage

This form of massage is similar to sports massage, being a deeper massage which is often targeting a specific problem. Sports injuries, tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries. It will aid tissue nutrition through improved circulation, reduce soft tissue swelling, the breakdown of scar tissue after injury, reducing spasm, promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

(30min – 1hr)

Indian Head Massage

This is an ancient Hindu massage to the head, neck and shoulders, which is therapeutic and relaxing. It is said to assist with hair growth and improve eye strain, sinusitis and headaches., promoting physical and psychological wellbeing. This is one form of massage where the client is sitting and there is no need to remove clothing.  This is a massage that incorporates the shoulders, face and head and is a wonderful treatment.


Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is centuries old treatment which incorporates many of the aspects of reflexology and acupressure.  Concentrating on pressure point in the feet and working along the meridians that flow throughout the body so treating you as a whole.

(45 min)

Relaxing Facial

Incorporating massage and a facial is great but then a shoulder, face and head massage…wow. And while you’re waiting for that face mask to dry you will receive a lower arm and hand massage, so just relax.


Pre Blended Aroma Massage

This is an amazingly flowing full body massage (either Lymphatic or Swedish technique) including shoulders, face and head.  Which has a choice of organic pre-blended oils. Whether you want to relax, de-stress, feel invigorated, plus many more, the choice is yours.


What our clients say

“Charlotte has been treating me over the last few weeks for sciatica. Alongside the treatments she has recommended an exercise programme and the combination of treatments has impacted positively on my pain levels and ability to work. Thank you Charlotte!”

Sarah S

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