Hypnotherapy in Wakefield

Tops provides hypnotherapy in Wakefield for clients with a multitude of conditions, ranging from stress, insomnia to headaches and migraines.

We all have different ideas to what hypnosis is whether it is watching Derren Brown on the television or game shows like Back In The Room and the proverbial stage hypnotist. This can create the effect of hypnosis being mysterious or just a gimmick and sometimes easily dismissed as a last resort.

But in reality we all go into a trance state every single day of our lives. Whether you are driving and you realised you have already reached your destination or just waking in the morning and you’re in that nice relaxed state, where you can hear everything around you but you’re in that comfortable spot.

There are many levels of trance and even this word can instil the image of glassy eyed people doing some-one else’s bidding. This is a misconception, as we can be in a waking state, a good example of this is NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming where the words or connotations used set in the person’s mind. This is used a lot in marketing and sales. Ever though after seeing an advert that I really fancy that or I would like to give it a try, well….. But also NLP can be used to help change people’s negative impressions of themselves or the world around them.

Hypnotherapy Can Help With:

Back Pain


Sports Injuries

Joint Mobility

Stress & Fatigue


RSI & much more

Headaches & Migraines

Hypnotherapy FAQs

Is Hypnotherapy For You?

If you really want to change or enhance an area of your life, or want to get rid of old habits or destructive thought patterns. The most important issue is that YOU really want to change things, otherwise you are wasting your time. Regardless of what you may think, it is only you who is willing to accept the changes that can make the difference.

How Many Sessions?

it could take from 1 to 6 sessions, depending on the issues, changes or enhancements such as a more positive outlook. You may also need assistance from other health professionals. For example a doctor or counsellor as you may have deeper supressed memories that rise to the surface that you need to deal with.

Smoking cessation is different as it only needs a couple of hours to complete but this can be done in two separate sessions.

What To Expect

You would have an initial consultation; where the therapist would talk you through the process and also ask a lot of questions in regards to what you would like hypnosis for and if these expectations are realistic. It would also clarify any misconceptions you may have or correct assumptions. Some consultations are more in-depth than others depending on the nature of your needs, this may also include some therapeutic work or to see how susceptible to suggestion you are.

The following session will be more therapeutic, you will be encouraged to relax by using a technique called PMR (progressive muscle relaxation). You will sit in a comfy chair or lay on a couch as the therapist talks you through a relaxations process. After this you will be taken into deeper relaxation and a more tailored screed (a script for what you want to change) for your needs is then delivered to your subconscious.

Meet Our Hypnotherapist

What our clients say

Moira Gillespie

Moira Gillespie

Holistic Therapist

Moira is a Holistic Therapist and first started about 10 years ago with Reiki and then developed onto body massage and other treatments. She is a qualified Hypnotherapist and a member of the Hypnotherapy Society and AIMS as well as the Accredited register plus the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). Her main aim is to help others and with the other health professionals at Tops to give the best Holistic treatments we can for each individual.

“I had always been curious about hypnotherapy and if it would help me with my slimming. I felt confident in Moira and I have been happy to recommend her to my friends.”

Susan F

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