Kayleigh’s Story

Kayleigh came to Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation in September 2018, initially a gym induction. She then decided after the induction to invest in personal training. She has been a regular client ever since.

Kayleigh has Cerebral Palsy and required a lot of help in the gym environment with her mobility been limited at the time. She has come on strength by strength since September. As she requires aided walking from the age of 17, now at 31 after showing amazing improvements in her leg strength and core strength, I challenged Kayleigh with a 2km unaided walk, which she successfully achieved.

Her confidence, balance, core strength, leg strength all has had a massive impact to able to carry out her challenge. I recently gave Kayleigh her biggest challenge yet, this was to walk 5km unaided in an open park raising money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This is where she was treated as a child so was close to her heart.

We have raised over £800 so far after this challenge. Which she completed in under 2 hours. I cannot express how proud I am of Kayleigh’s achievements and been involved in her amazing life changing journey. Her confidence shines though, her strength has massively improved. She now requires less steroid injections as the strength training is making such a great impact.

Kayleigh’s Words:

I started working with Haley in September 2018 when I first became a member of TOPS Fitness and Rehabilitation. Before I became a member, I had no experience of the gym whatsoever, the world of fitness was all new to me, I really didn’t know what to expect so when I decided to get a personal trainer, I was a little apprehensive and worried that it wouldn’t work for me – I was wrong.

I was instantly drawn to Haley as she took the time to get to know me, my story and my goals in regards to fitness – as a person with Cerebral Palsy that was really important to me and my aim at the time were simple to work on my leg strength and balance.

Haley has been nothing but encouraging from the start of my journey working on a personal programme suited to my needs every step of the way – this along with her infectious personality and work ethic makes fitness fun and rewarding! She has the ability to light up any room.

My biggest gain from working with Haley? My confidence and self belief has gone through the roof! I recently undertook my biggest physical and psychological challenge to date – a 5km unaided walk around Thornes Park in aid of the Children’s Hospital. This was a massive challenge for me, because of Cerebral Palsy my family were told I wouldn’t walk unaided, if at all, so completing this was a HUGE deal for me. Without Haley this would not have been possible – this is a fact – she has a gift.

I know our journey is far from over following this achievement, but I will never be able to thank Haley enough for all her support, belief and hard work to get me to this point. There is a saying “Not all heroes wear capes”. Haley is the definition of a hero for me, going above and beyond the call of duty to help me create the best possible version of myself.

I would highly recommend Haley to anyone!


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