Pilates is an exercise method which relies on strengthening core postural muscles and developing body alignment. It avoids muscle and ligament damage. The aim is to help your body to operate in an efficient manner.


The Benefits of Pilates

  • A refreshing mind-body workout
  • Building strength without bulking up
  • Develop a strong core
  • Create an evenly conditioned body and prevent sports injuries
  • Learn efficient patterns of motion
  • Be challenged
  • Self management of back pain or problems

Time of class – Mondays 7-8pm

We have two classes on a Monday evening at 6 pm and 7 pm. Each course runs for 6 weeks, an hour each week, with a maximum of 8 clients. When joining you would be expected to come to all 6 sessions as the course is tailored for a gradual progression. All participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire before participating. The classes will be held in the rehabilitation area, mainly on mats. Please call to book your place on the next course.


An amazing fun workout. Dance and move to the latest energising zumba music in a lovely mirrored studio. Come and have fun in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. This class is open to gym members and non members. Please call and book, to avoid missing out.

Time of class – Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm

Body Conditioning

Aero conditioning is an aerobic conditioning and toning class. You will perform exercise using resistance band to work the whole body and target those most difficult areas. All abilities welcome to this friendly class. Members and non members are welcome. Please call and book to avoid disappointment.

Time of Class – Thursdays 6:15-7:15pm

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